School-Based CBVE

Magnolia School also has School Based Vocational Education (CBVE) opportunities for students. CBVE is the term used to define vocational education and training provided by high school instructors to students with disabilities in community work settings. This training is non-paid vocational exploration and assessment. 

Student Services

The Student Services department is an integral part of Magnolia’s On-Campus CBVE program. Varieties of office style skills offers support to the needs of our teachers, classrooms, and office staff. Some of the skills are transporting wheelchair students, filling copy machines, laminating, copying, die cutting, item delivery, and assistance with school events throughout the year.


The Agriculture department provides our students with learning opportunities for a myriad of skills in the landscaping and gardening area. Some activities include exterior building maintenance, organic gardening, and exterior landscaping foliage. Potters Paradise provides our students opportunities to grow potted and flowering plants. Herbs Central grows and sells fresh and dehydrated herbs along with salad and dips mixes. Agriculture also has a bi-weekly Farmers Market providing fruits, flowers, and vegetables to our Bistro and our school staff.


The Recycling team concentrates on helping Magnolia go green. Magnolia students participate in this by collecting and processing the materials thrown away on campus. 

Gift Shop

In The Gift Shop, our student design and construct greeting cards that follow the seasons or are for general occasions. The Gift shop also produces bath salts, wildflower bombs, and hand made bows.

Hotel Bridges

Patterned after a hotel, Bridges students learn to sort, wash, dry, and fold laundry items, make beds, and set out amenities. Working with specific hotel industry guidelines, students learn the entire housekeeping process from start to finish. The Laundry also provides services to the school and staff by laundering school provided clothing, thrift store clothing, personal clothing, and large oversized personal bedding and providing pre-measured soap to the classroom. The Food and Beverage department provides the opportunity to learn the skills needed in stocking a grocery store, but for back of house restaurant opportunities. These skills would include clearing tables, working in the dish room, and stocking condiments. Weekend snack packs are assemble here delivered to pre-selected students for weekends at home. 

The Bistro

The Bistro will concentrate on passing the Basic Food Safety Certification exam. In addition to this valuable certification, the Bistro will be cooking breakfast and lunch for staff purchase and for supporting the numerous events hosted by Magnolia School.


Custodial services assist with activities that support our school. Students will assist the staff in making sure our school always has its “best foot forward” in appearance and cleanliness.