Middle/High School

Magnolia School provides students with a significant disability a wide array of specialized services. These services are individualized based upon student needs and include instruction in the Florida Standards Access Points for English Language Arts and Mathematics and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards for Science and Social Studies. In addition, life skills related to independent functioning, social/emotional behavior, communication and related services such as physical and/or occupational therapy, nursing and specialized transportation are also provided to students as needed. The primary focus is to provide the necessary supports which will enable each student with a significant disability the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and become college and career ready.

Middle School

Students receive academic instruction in whole and small groups. Social Personal and behavior training is scheduled for students to increase communication and independence. Community Based Instruction is available to allow for skill generalization across multiple settings. Students have access to enrichment opportunities in our Math and Science Labs and career training and exploration is introduced to students in middle school.

High School

Students have expanded opportunities in vocational training, social skills, self- care and daily living skills, while continuing their academic track. This is designed to prepare students to achieve maximum individual social, and academic potential.

For more information about core content areas for middle and high school, please click the link below!

Middle and High School Brochure